Fairness Opinions

In a merger, acquisition or reorganization, it is often advisable for companies to obtain a fairness opinion. A fairness opinion is an independent, professional confirmation that the terms of a transaction are fair. Experienced LWBJ professionals can prepare and defend fairness opinions for simple and complex transactions.

LWBJ business appraisers assess the value of the business, including any potential synergies a buyer could receive from the transaction. Our M&A experts review the transaction’s proposed structure to confirm that the selling/buying party is receiving/paying consideration that is consistent with the value of the business. In the unlikely event of a minority owner dissent, we have considerable experience in providing expert-witness testimony to defend our fairness opinion in court.

Timing is a critical factor in most transactions, and our experienced staff enables us to complete the fairness opinion process in a timely, efficient manner.

Partners & Key Professionals

JD Geneser, CPA
Paul A. Juffer, CPA

Eric Engstrom, CPA/ABV, CFA